I am so glad that my painting and drawing has come to the fore again. It had been many years since I had considered doing art, indeed not since my exams at school. My art had to take a back seat whilst I concentrated on life in general and my busy career.

In 2007 things changed big time! Realising an ambition of travelling North America in a big cowboy truck and trailer.  I also found the time to pick up the brushes again and start painting. Life is now somewhat nomadic I make my studio wherever I happen to be.

Maple Leaf painting

The trigger to start painting and drawing again occurred when we were in Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada. It was autumn and the colours of the maple leaves were just amazing. I spent $5 in the dollar store on a paint kit, collected some fallen leaves and started painting again, using the leaves as inspiration.

A few weeks later, having arrived in Florida, I attended a watercolour class. I found the first class was a bit embarrassing, having turned up with my Dollar Store paints and paper. Nowadays, of course, I use the best quality paints and paper and enjoy working with watercolours but also with pen and ink, pastels and acrylics. Also check out my paintings on Yupo. I love this media that produces vibrant bold and free flowing paintings.

I hope you enjoy my artwork as well as photographs which are taken both by my late husband Patrick and me.