More nautical – never good at doing as I am told!

More on the nautical theme. Just a few paintings I did while I attended an art course in North Norfolk.
Interesting being tutored and I turned out some diverse paintings . I didn’t always kept to the script!

Boat moored at low tide at Burnham Overy Straithe North Norfolk England mixed media
Boats at Burnham Overy Straithe North Norfolk England – Watercolour
Boats at Burnham Overy Straithe North Norfolk Watercolour
Harbour with boat – abstract
Orange houses – abstract mixed media

Waves and Horses

White Horse wave

White Horse wave – Poseidon, King of the Sea, created the Horse. Breaking waves are called white horses as the crest of the mane can be seen as the mane of the horse. Listen to them closely … the booming of the waves crashing sounds like hundreds of hooves thundering along the ground. For me waves and horses conjures up the spirit of freedom. Acrylic on 50cm x 100cm canvas by Lorna Markillie 2021

Portuguese Beaches and Boats, plus 260 kilometres of walking in Italy

Painting is back on my agenda, so here’s a few recent additions to my portfolio.

Plus a couple of paintings of my hike on the Via Francigena in Tuscany Italy.

For any of you who are around the Silver Coast in Portugal. I have a few of my acrylic paintings exhibited until the end of the July at Praia d’el Rey Golf and Beach Resort not far from Óbidos and Peniche

All these images can also be find in the landscape galley. If you would like to buy either originals or prints just let me know

Happy Happy Poppies

I had great fun last week with acrylic on canvases. Here’s the result. Both abstract poppies. One 50 x 50 cm canvas of an array of poppies and my first triptych, a series of three 20 x 60 cm panels.

Abstract Red poppies on triptych canvas acrylic
Abstract Red poppies on canvas 3 panels canvas triptych acrylic

Sailing we will go – well not actually

In the last part of last century and early part of this century I did a lot of sailing, on both little tippy dinghies and on some rather nice yachts, on the chilly waters of the Solent and on the most beauiful tropical waters around the world.

The theme of my most recent art has been nautical with compositions from the tranquil waters of the Obidos lagoon in Portugal to the wonderful times sailing in the Whitsunsdays in Australia.

Candy striped lighthouses are always a bit special. Mine are based on the Elbow Reef Lighthouse at Hope Town in the Abacos Bahamas. I remember sailing a big catamaran around the area and being mighty concerned how shallow the water was. Of course, shallow water meant beautiful turquoise colours.

The Lighthouse on the old tile was great fun to paint. I have plans to do more of this type of work.

To see more watery works go to Nautical Gallery

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1930’s Series

I find sketching to be great fun and very relaxing.

Here is a selection of my 1930 series. Several are abstract ink sketches and there are also a couple of coloured charcoal and pastel mixes. I must thank British artist Mo Welch whose works inspired me. Thank you Mo.

We cannot display this gallery