Sailing we will go – well not actually

In the last part of last century and early part of this century I did a lot of sailing, on both little tippy dinghies and on some rather nice yachts, on the chilly waters of the Solent and on the most beauiful tropical waters around the world.

The theme of my most recent art has been nautical with compositions from the tranquil waters of the Obidos lagoon in Portugal to the wonderful times sailing in the Whitsunsdays in Australia.

Candy striped lighthouses are always a bit special. Mine are based on the Elbow Reef Lighthouse at Hope Town in the Abacos Bahamas. I remember sailing a big catamaran around the area and being mighty concerned how shallow the water was. Of course, shallow water meant beautiful turquoise colours.

The Lighthouse on the old tile was great fun to paint. I have plans to do more of this type of work.

To see more watery works go to Nautical Gallery

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3 Replies to “Sailing we will go – well not actually”

  1. They are all beautiful. You have progressed so beautifully over the last couple of years. Very nice to see my friend. Love to you and Patrick

  2. These are great! Your art is certainly maturing – I really enjoy the old and the new for different reasons. x

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