Waves and Horses

White Horse wave

White Horse wave – Poseidon, King of the Sea, created the Horse. Breaking waves are called white horses as the crest of the mane can be seen as the mane of the horse. Listen to them closely … the booming of the waves crashing sounds like hundreds of hooves thundering along the ground. For me waves and horses conjures up the spirit of freedom. Acrylic on 50cm x 100cm canvas by Lorna Markillie 2021

2 Replies to “Waves and Horses”

  1. I can see the head of the horse, wonderful work my friend. The other painting of the horses I saw on Facebook was also beautiful. As I mentioned in my post on Facebook you have steadily become better and better. I have loved seeing you progress. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Hi Lorna — WOW! This is really a wonderful way to look at and think about all the iterations of crashing, frothy waves. Like you, Mike & I adore horses, and living at the coast most of our lives, putting these two perspectives together as you have done is brilliant and will be great fun as we watch the waves going forward. Your work just gets better & better.
    Cheers & Love,

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